Technologists Support the Treatment of Prostate Cancer (Healthtronics)

When urologist Eric Giesler, MD opted to use the Endocare® Cryocare® cryotherapy system to treat his patients’ prostate cancer, he had two vendor choices “and this, in my opinion, is the better one.”
Also better: the technologist support he gets when he uses the system to treat about 30 patients annually at four Austin-area hospitals.
“HealthTronics technologists are pretty important,” said Dr. Giesler, a Urology Austin general provider with a focus on urologic oncology. “They’re looking out for any potential missteps. If you forget something, they’re invaluable as a secondary check.”
A technologist shows up at the hospital with the cryotherapy system under arrangements Dr. Giesler has with HealthTronics. It’s a helpful, extra convenience to go along with Endocare® cryotherapy’s “versatile technology that allows you to treat prostate cancer very precisely,” Dr. Geisler said.
He has built a proven record of success utilizing the system since 2014 – to the point where colleagues in the 42-provider Urology Austin group regularly refer their patients to him for “freezing” prostate tumors. The process is natural, nontoxic and low-impact for high-risk and weaker patients not suited for surgery or radiation therapy.
It also can be used for “salvage cryotherapy,” which is effective in the 20-30 percent of patients where radiation is ineffective. This Endocare® system also is being used more commonly for interventional oncology treatment of cancer cells in lungs and kidneys, as well as on liver metastases and in palliative interventions (including managing pain from metastatic cancer).