Strategic Milestone for CSafe Global Cold Chain Biopharmaceutical Solutions Provider

Dayton, OH Aug 9, 2016 – CSafe Global announces a significant strategic growth milestone with the manufacture of the 1000th RKN active container.
This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of our manufacturing, customer service, technical support and sales team as we continue meet the increasing demand from biopharmaceutical companies for the CSafe RKN. Biologics and vaccines, the most temperature sensitive products to make and transport, dominate the drug treatments developed and commercially available to patients today. These high value biologics require the most robust temperature protection available during transport, resulting in the majority of biopharmaceutical companies increasingly relying upon the CSafe RKN to safeguard their new treatment medicines. We pause to thank the growing number of life science companies and partners that have trusted the superior quality of the CSafe RKN since the production of our first container almost nine years ago.
Life Science companies recognize the CSafe RKN for its efficiency, reliability and continuity of performance. This is due in part to CSafe Global’s industry unique presentative maintenance program which insures every RKN in the CSafe fleet to have the performance equivalent to those that are newly manufactured. CSafe supports customers with online ordering, instant temperature data download, flexible leasing programs including one-way leases, and a large global service network. The CSafe RKN utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology combined with our proprietary ThermoCor® insulation technology. This combination of active and passive technology in one solution, provides the widest range of temperature protection for the longest duration in ambient conditions ranging from -30°C to +49°C.
The RKN is part of CSafe’s comprehensive portfolio of temperature-sensitive transportation solutions that includes active and passive pallet shippers, passive and active small parcel packaging and hand-held courier solutions. The transportation of every biopharmaceutical shipment is a journey that concludes with a patient’s health and safety in mind. There is no margin for error. Drugs must be shipped safely and securely and kept within these tight temperature parameters. The transportation of these biologics often includes long, multi-day journeys which can involve the traversing of hemispheres, continents, and countries. Transfers between multiple modes of transport, huge temperature and climatic variations combined with global training and language barriers all add to the temperature stability risk. CSafe solutions provide the superior cold chain packaging which overcomes these challenges delivering the performance that our customers need while driving cost efficiencies over most existing packaging systems.
To support the growing RKN fleet and the addition of new business entities in France, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Puerto Rico, CSafe will add eight new service centre sites to our global network in 2016.
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