Sparta Systems Bundles Offering to Simplify Audit Management

Hamilton, NJ Nov 13, 2012
The Audit Execution Package Suite Accelerates Time to Value With Streamlined Services and Training
Sparta Systems, Inc., the market leader in enterprise quality and compliance management solutions, announced the availability of its Audit Execution Package (AEP) Suite, a bundled offering comprised of the TrackWise AEP software and tailored services and training. The suite includes support from an implementation consultant and an audit management subject matter expert to provide for a rapid implementation, accelerated user adoption and a high level of confidence in adhering to relevant industry standards and regulations.
The process of conducting audits is time consuming and expensive, frequently requiring volumes of documentation. If not automated, the process and resulting data can be riddled with problematic and costly inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Sparta Systems’ AEP Suite enables organizations across multiple industries to automate audit processes, providing tangible increases in productivity and a level of visibility and transparency that is simply not possible using manual legacy systems and processes.
“The necessity to hold internal departments and external partners to the highest level of quality continues to pose cost containment challenges in life sciences, consumer products, and electronics manufacturing industries,” said Mike Jovanis, Vice President, Product Management and Strategy at Sparta Systems. “The AEP Suite illustrates our continuing commitment to innovate how we deliver product to accelerate time to value while reducing the long term cost.”
The AEP Suite offers the ability to create tailored templates to streamline auditing processes and provides organizations sophisticated reporting to analyze results across audit programs. This solution does not require auditors to be “connected” and allows them to “check-out” an audit and conduct all relevant work while in the field. These capabilities are in addition to the ability to manage the end-to-end audit management lifecycle within TrackWise, as one element of a holistic quality management system.