Solving the Healthcare Data Acquisition Problem – GAFFEY Health announces the release of the GAFFEY Integration Engine (GIE)

Plano, TX Dec 8, 2016: GAFFEY Health continues to deliver against the financial demands of its customers by expanding the company’s ability to provide a suite of Revenue Cycle automation tools in a cost effective manner. Data Acquisition from disparate core operating systems is the single largest challenge for Healthcare Providers in being able to access and utilize RCM software tools today to ensure that services are paid for correctly and in a timely manner. The complexity of this challenge is accelerating rapidly with the vast number of value based care models that demand integration of a larger number of disparate data sources.
GAFFEY’s Integration Engine is a healthcare data management and integration platform that is capable of taking virtually any form of health-related data such as 837, 835, and other x12 EDI data (270/271 Eligibility, 276/277 Claim Status, etc.) to create a standardized common data structure so that data can be leveraged in a multitude of ways. This data structure is the foundation of GAFFEY’s current applications such as AlphaCollector, Claims Management and AutoStatus. Providing a standardized method of data import and mapping ensures that future application development is greatly accelerated because the GIE allows for immediate and cost effective access to EDI and other data transactions. The data acquisition and mapping tools the GIE provides will dramatically reduce the cost of data acquisition and thus open up traditional Revenue Cycle tools to any healthcare provider regardless of size and complexity.
“Data acquisition and management has always been a struggle for healthcare providers,” stated Derek Morkel, GAFFEY CEO. “We recognized that being able to provide a seamless and easy to use standardized data mapping and integration platform will transform our ability to deliver all of our tools in a much more cost effective manner to all healthcare providers regardless of size.”
GAFFEY Healthcare provides revenue cycle technology and services that enable health care organizations to accelerate cash flow, improve productivity and increase profitability with short-term and demonstrable ROI. From patient eligibility and payment verification to billing and claims management to third-party collections, their software relies upon cloud-based, state-of-the art workflow supported by a business intelligence platform. GAFFEY’s systems are in use at more than 200 healthcare systems and physician practices across the U.S.
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