Quantum Health Reaches Major Milestone: Over 5 Million Consumer And Provider Connections Made Half A Billion In Savings For Employer Health Plans

Columbus, OH Apr 2, 2015 – Quantum Health, the leader in care coordination and consumer navigation, announced today that it has achieved a major business milestone, making 5,497,028 connections, helping 779,470 consumers and providers more effectively navigate the complex healthcare system. Through this high level of engagement, the company delivers a 5% to 8% reduction in healthcare costs for its self-insured employer clients, which have entrusted over $6 billion in health plan spend with Quantum Health. The company is a disruptive force in the healthcare industry, whose groundbreaking consumer-focused research led to the creation of the care coordination and consumer navigation segment, a sector that is rapidly growing in response to the rise in healthcare consumerism.
“Reaching this major milestone is a testament to the trust our clients and their members have placed in Quantum Health, and to the financial savings, increased engagement and greater employee satisfaction that we deliver,” said Kara Trott, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Health. “Our clients have found there are many advantages to having employees engaged in their own healthcare journeys. Our clients realize lower spending trend, a more maximized health plan and that their employees have a much better customer experience.”
Quantum Health was the first to define and use consumer behavior process mapping in healthcare by tracking 3,200 patients and 290 providers for two years. From this research, the company built a best-in-class model for care coordination and consumer navigation based on how people experience their healthcare journey, what they need and how best to connect with them.
Over the past 16 years, the company has earned recognition for its ability to deliver dramatic and sustainable results for large self-insured employers. Quantum Health clients experience nearly flat year one healthcare spend and a reduction in trend by year three, a reduction in health benefits related workload, allowing for a great focus on HR strategy, and 92% member satisfaction by providing true patient support and advocacy to employees.