Precyse Unveils New Corporate Identity

Wayne, PA and Alpharetta, GA May 02, 2011 — Precyse, a leader in health information management (HIM) services and technologies, has introduced a new corporate brand identity featuring a new logo, a new company name and a new URL ( The new corporate identity is designed to more accurately reflect the breakthrough technologies and comprehensive and holistic blend of services that are sparking true innovations in the flow of health information throughout the hospital environment, significantly improving the flow of revenue, work and patient data.
“Our goal is to provide hospitals and healthcare systems with the most comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective solutions to their information management processes in the most simplified manner possible,” said Jeffrey Levitt, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Precyse. “Our mission is particularly critical in the current healthcare environment, which is faced with constant challenges and changes, including the ICD-10 transition, pay-for.performance programs, Meaningful Use and other healthcare reform initiatives. We wanted our corporate identity to clearly capture both the power and simplicity of our solutions, and I believe that it does just that.”
Levitt said that the company’s new brand identity system was designed to communicate four principles on which Precyse is built: expertise, innovation, simplicity and precision. The first step in the rebranding initiative was to remove the word “Solutions” from the company name. “‘Precyse’ is simpler, and it’s how our customers refer to us, so we’ve embraced that,” said Levitt. The company’s website address has changed as well from to to reflect the simplified name. The new company logo also reflects a fresh and simpler look, with the company logotype carefully crafted in lowercase letters and highlighting the unique spelling of “Precyse” with a “y” and the precision that the company embraces. The corporate colors, which have been changed from shades of blue to orange and deep red, convey the dynamics of expertise, innovation and precision.
The introduction of the new corporate identity comes as Precyse launches precyseCode™, the most advanced and comprehensive health information management platform available today. PrecyseCode is driven by state-of-the-art technologies that understand and process human voice, converting it to text and transforming it into information. PrecyseCode features Computer-Assisted Coding that uses unique Natural Language Comprehension™ (NLC) to create a patient’s clinical story, allowing for the assignment of appropriate, compliant ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes, procedure codes and SNOMED clinical terminology.
“Rather than reengineering existing automated systems to adapt to the changing healthcare environment, our goal was to begin from the ground up to develop a solution that would meet all of the current and future needs of healthcare providers,” said Ken Lacy, President and General Manager of the Precyse Advanced Technologies division. “We carefully analyzed all of these needs and built solutions for them into precyseCode. The simplicity of our new corporate identity now goes hand in hand with the simplicity of our flagship product.”