Precyse University Courseware Enhancements Ready Facilities for ICD-10

Healthcare education leader collaborates with providers to take advantage of ICD-10 delay and improve documentation for each specialty.
San Diego, CA Sep 29, 2014 — Precyse University, the most innovative, complete and widely adopted on-site, online and mobile ICD-10 education solution, continues to support its growing population of more than 1.6 million learners by offering more courseware to support improved clinical documentation. This unique and comprehensive ICD-10 education solution is delivered exclusively through HealthStream’s workforce development platform. “Our clients are interested in clinical documentation improvement training for a number of reasons,” explains Tom Ormondroyd, Vice President and General Manager, Precyse Learning Solutions. “There is a large consensus that regardless of an ICD-10 deadline, improvingdocumentation has a significant positive impact on patients, healthcare providers and facilities. That’s the focus that keeps the momentum going and supports healthcare facilities in achieving better outcomes.”
Clinical documentation training enhances the skills of providers, and results in more accurate coding, and reimbursement, whether coders are using ICD-9 or ICD-10. A growing number of provider facilities recognize the process of documentation accuracy and integrity as crucial to helping them meet numerous goals.
Precyse University’s solution offers foundational and specialty courses to help organizations move forward with documentation improvement plans and education. Each program is filled with tips, strategies and readiness information for documentation and coding best practices. Due to the ICD-10 delay, the Precyse University solution has been enhanced to focus on optimal documentation and processes that maximize performance in an ICD-9 or ICD-10 world. Precyse has released additional coding tools and courseware to help maintain skills for those coders who have already completed their education and risk losing this knowledge. The focus of Precyse University is to encourage impacted populations to stay the course with their ICD-10 training programs, and focus on accurate and complete documentation for each specialty to minimize the risk of falling behind.
“Precyse University is innovating courseware and programs to help clients through this time period. We’re building and shaping content to help them navigate the delay and be best prepared for a successful transition,” summarizes Ormondroyd. “This is an unexpected opportunity for provider facilities to improve their documentation.”