Precyse Ranks 2nd in the 2011 Best in KLAS Software and Services Report

Wayne, Pa. and Alpharetta, Ga., Jan 19, 2012 — Precyse, a leader in Health Information Management (HIM) technology and services, announces that it has once again achieved high scores for its Transcription Services in the “2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report. Precyse received the second highest overall performance ranking with its score less than one tenth of one percent behind the first-place vendor.
Criteria used by KLAS to survey Precyse customers include services delivered as sold, money’s worth, quality of service staff, vendor executive involvement, lives up to expectations and real problem solving.
In 2010, Precyse earned KLAS’ highest scores for money’s worth and real problem resolution and tied with the highest score for report quality in the “Transcription Services: Competition, Technology, Consolidation” report. In 2009, Precyse Transcription Services received the second highest KLAS Medical Transcription Services Organization (MTSO) ranking and honors for on- time delivery and tied with the highest ranking for budget and cost in the “Transcription Services: Steady Demand in a Volatile Market” report.
Precyse is well recognized for its large remote workforce of high-quality and experienced medical transcriptionists that consistently produce documents with 98% accuracy or above. Precyse consistently delivers 99.9% uptime, helping physicians experience reliable dictation and document receipt. At the heart of Precyse Transcription is precyseNetTM, a single platform that supports both hospital-employed medical transcriptionists and editors and transcription outsourced to Precyse.
“Quality, turnaround times and response times are all stellar with Precyse as our Transcription partner,” said Nadine Polasko, Corporate Director for HIM at Valley Health Systems in Winchester, Virginia. “Transcription is a non-issue now that I have outsourced my six HIM Departments to Precyse.”
“In the midst of an industry that is faced with ever-increasing health information management pressures and costs, we focus on combining the most advanced technologies with top-notch experts to transform the patient narrative into meaningful health information, while allowing our clients to reach their financial and clinical goals,” said Precyse president Chris Powell. “I am thrilled to see the excellent scores for Precyse in the 2011 Best in KLAS Awards report, as well as the year over year consistency of our ranking as seen in the last three years; something no other transcription vendor can claim. I am very proud of our team’s day-to-day commitment to our clients. I see their dedication to our vision and mission, I believe it makes a difference in how we deliver outcomes and I am not surprised that our clients take the time to share this positive feedback with KLAS each year.”
“Since 1998, KLAS has been committed to helping healthcare providers make decisions based on candid peer feedback,” said Adam Gale, KLAS president. “Best in KLAS rankings mark those vendors who best keep their promises in their market segments for offering a combination of superior products, strong service and high customer value. We hope these ratings continue to help providers find transparency from their vendors in making purchasing decisions.”
KLAS is an independent-research company that conducts surveys of healthcare executives and professionals, the hospital and physician client base. Data referenced herein is taken from the December 2011, 2010 and 2009 “Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” reports. KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.