Penlon's Oriel 4000 Patient Monitor Launched

Abingdon, UK Feb 8, 2012 — Penlon Limited is pleased to announce the introduction of the Oriel 4000 Patient Monitor, the flagship model at the head of an all-new range of high specification, new generation patient monitors, providing reliability, usability, outstanding value for money, and network capability for all clinical areas.
For theatre applications the monitor provides state-of-the-art monitoring with full gas analysis and automatic agent identification.
For critical monitoring requirements between theatre, recovery/step-down, and ICU the unique EMS portable multi-parameter transport unit allows continuous patient monitoring and seamless data transfer before and after transport to and from the OR. The EMS has a 3.5-inch display and can monitor up to six vital signs parameters.
Oriel 4000 has a touchscreen option, and also features a configurable display that allows the user to define the parameters to be viewed, and then further customisation through scalable screen elements.
Network connectivity will be provided by a new Central Monitoring Station, to offer our customers an economic solution for centralised viewing and high-capacity patient data storage, and is compatible with our patient well-being index software, Visensia.
Full service support is provided by Penlon’s well established Service Division.