Penlon Welcomes Oxford Theatre Personnel

Penlon HQ in Abingdon opened its doors recently to a group of newly qualified theatre personnel from Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital
Abingdon, UK Nov 20, 2013 — The visitors were given a tour of the assembly areas, followed by an informative training session on anaesthesia systems from Penlon’s global training manager.
The group found the factory tour extremely interesting, for the majority it was a first ever glimpse into medical device assembly and test processes, as carried out by a world class manufacturer conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (the stringent standard that governs quality management systems for the design and manufacture of medical devices).
The training session included a general introduction to anaesthesia systems, and a highlight of the session was an opportunity to view partially dismantled products, with the function of critical components explained. The importance and value of manufacturer’s recommended pre-use checks was also explained and emphasised.
Penlon welcomes the opportunity to meet and talk to clinical staff involved in anaesthesia and is particularly passionate about supporting the local community, students and newly qualified staff as they start their careers in the world of anaesthesia and critical care.
Ronald Lyder, Practice Educator, stated “The day was fascinating, edifying, educational and the hands on bit was very interesting. We gained an understanding of how the anaesthesia machines are made and now understand the reason and logic for the pre-use tests requested by the manufacturer and how to care for the machine by using it correctly”.