Penlon Launches New Anaesthesia Systems: UK Design and Build for Hospitals and Surgery Centres Worldwide

Abingdon, UK Sep 23, 2013 — The Penlon Prima 450 and Penlon Prima 460 are both fully featured anaesthesia systems with clinician-focused choices and benefits to suit both large theatres and induction rooms.
The Prima 450 and Prima 460 are a unique fusion of customer feedback and Penlon´s experience, skills and renowned quality. The new generation of anaesthesia systems have been designed, engineered and manufactured in our own UK facility to the latest ISO standard for anaesthetic workstations (80601-2-13). Our research shows that set up time is an important factor when preparing for a clinical procedure so both systems are extremely intuitive, reducing training to a minimum.
In developing these systems Penlon have also addressed the issue of restricted floor space in small theatres and induction rooms. The Prima 450 packs maximum features into a compact footprint making it ideally suited to areas where space is at a premium.
The Prima 460 has all the features of the Prima 450 including a functional top shelf module and GCX-compatible monitor mount, plus generous work space and a Selectatec® compatible backbar with two or three stations providing maximum flexibility, ease of use and comfort.
Both systems feature:
• Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options
• Fully integrated ventilator and absorber
• Engineered and built in the UK
• HIS connectivity
• Low life costs
• ISO 80601-2-13 compliant
Prima 450 and Prima 460 mark the start of an exciting new era for Penlon and the development team are already completing new additions to the range for 2014. All Penlon products are covered by comprehensive warranties and fully supported with a worldwide training program. Penlon leads the field with bespoke training packages that truly empower and enable customers to maintain equipment to the maximum standard. Service options offer excellent value for money and can include parts and tools.
Penlon is a long established medical device company, with headquarters and manufacturing based in Abingdon, UK. The key areas of business are Anaesthesia, Intubation, Suction and Oxygen Therapy and these are supported by our experienced Technical Service team. Penlon has a presence in over 90 countries worldwide.