Patient Accounts Services and The Sirrus Group Have Merged to Become Acclara Solutions

Patient Accounts Services, a leading provider of revenue cycle management to hospitals, health systems, and physician practices announced today that it has merged with a business that specializes in Insurance Reimbursement services, The Sirrus Group, and together they will formally change their name to Acclara Solutions.
“We are honored by the trust our clients place in us to be an extension of their operations as their revenue cycle partner and our merger with The Sirrus Group brings us new depth in offering Insurance Reimbursement services to our clients” said Tom DuBrul, Chief Executive Officer of Acclara. “Under our new Acclara brand name, we will continue to strive toward our mission of delivering outstanding financial results and improving the patient experience.”
The Acclara approach is to be a diligent partner for revenue cycle management solutions in today’s inherently complex healthcare environment. The Company was built on the idea that patient experience and financial performance are two sides of the same coin.
Acclara offers three revenue cycle services to hospitals, health systems, and physician practices:
Patient Financial Responsibility
Putting the patient first and sharing the right information with care and understanding results in bills being paid, improved satisfaction, and minimized disruptive complaints. Ultimately, it increases hospital loyalty and the likelihood of future revenue should the patient need further care. For patient follow-up, Acclara takes an intelligent approach by leveraging its Predictive Outcome Analytics, which uses historical information from previous guarantor interactions to allow accounts to be resolved more quickly and efficiently. Acclara currently processes over 7 million accounts per year.
Insurance Reimbursement
Providing predictive analytics to assess insurance claims denials for trends in order to improve workflows and avoid additional costs and delays in revenue collection. Acclara’s strong understanding of the source and cause of denials enables the optimization of the workflow between clients and their insurance partners, thus improving speed-to-cash and overall financial performance. Acclara provides denial management software that predicts denials proactively cuts speed to reimbursement and reduces incorrect denials from occurring in the future.
Conversion Assistance
When converting HIT systems, the complexity of managing the legacy system while learning the new one can be a significant challenge for organizations. Acclara’s rigorous process, technical and operational best practices, and dedication to covering every detail helps clients expertly navigate the risks of a system conversion and improve internal processes. Acclara has performed over 450 conversions with its management team and reduces the risks of unnecessary write offs and missed reimbursement.
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