Oasis Outsourcing Creates White Paper on Healthcare Reform

West Palm Beach, FL Sep 19, 2013 – Oasis Outsourcing, one of the nation’s leading Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), has prepared a comprehensive white paper on the intricacies of Healthcare Reform, covering key aspects of the provisions and what they mean to businesses across the country.
“The 3 “Rs” of Managing Healthcare Reform” details the Requirements, Responses and Resources that businesses need to consider. As an expert in this area, Oasis is at the forefront of Healthcare Reform. This white paper is intended to provide strategic direction to businesses navigating through the various pieces of legislation.
“Small- and medium-sized employers typically do not have the resources or infrastructure to remain current on the laws and regulations imposed by Healthcare Reform,” said Ruth Cyrus, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Oasis Outsourcing. “This easy-to-read white paper is intended to be a resource for businesses in determining how to respond to the new changes.”
To access the white paper, please visit www.oasisadvantage.com/aca .