Oasis Outsourcing CEO Mark Perlberg Elected Chairman of Employer Services Assurance Corporation

West Palm Beach, FL Nov 6, 2012 – Mark Perlberg, President and CEO of Oasis Outsourcing, has been elected Chairman of the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and will lead the association’s board of directors in administering its accreditation program for the $81 billion professional employer organization (PEO) industry.
“Mark’s years of leadership experience and his demonstrated expertise in strategic development provide an ideal combination of skills and experience to lead ESAC’s board of directors,” said Jane McCoggins, ESAC COO. “His background is a perfect foundation to help enhance ESAC’s work in providing financial assurance and independent verification of a PEO’s compliance with financial, ethical and operational standards for business owners seeking to outsource human resource functions to a PEO.”
“I am honored to be involved in ESAC, which is such an important organization to the PEO industry,” said Perlberg. “As chairman, I hope to work collectively to streamline the ESAC accreditation process and support the needs of PEOs throughout the country— while maintaining the organization’s integrity, mission and values.”
ESAC accredited PEOs, providing human resources management, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, serve businesses representing over $40 billion in annual employee wages.
Oasis Outsourcing, like all ESAC accredited PEOs, undergoes rigorous examination by outside experts, who conduct background investigations and review business functions, including employment and service practices, financial and accounting standards, and applicable state and federal regulations. As part of its accreditation process, ESAC also monitors each PEO’s quarterly internal and annual audited financial statements as well as quarterly verifications by an independent CPA of the PEO’s appropriate payment of taxes, benefit contributions and insurance premiums.
“The value of ESAC accreditation is easy for business owners to understand,” said Perlberg. The primary benefit is the verification of each accredited PEO’s adherence to important industry standards. As an additional value, ESAC’s PEO Client Assurance Program, which is comparable to the FDIC insurance program for the banking industry, provides for financial reimbursement to clients, worksite employees, vendors and taxing authorities in the event the accredited PEO does not perform its service obligations for the payment of wages, payroll taxes, contributions to employee retirement plans, workers’ compensation premiums and group life and health insurance premiums. This assurance is backed by $11 million in surety bonds held in Trust through the ESAC Client Assurance Program.