Oasis Outsourcing Breaks Down The Value of PEO Services

West Palm Beach, FL Nov 12, 2014 – Oasis Outsourcing, one of the nation’s largest Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), launched a new infographic titled: What Value Can a PEO Provide. As explained in the infographic, a PEO can provide a variety of Human Resources-type services to client companies through a co-employment relationship, which allows for improved efficiencies and economies of scale.
The infographic provides an overview of the value a PEO provides and the types of clients that benefit the most from the services offered. These tend to be businesses with 10-500 employees who are spending more than 10% of their time on HR-related activities. The need for PEOs has also grown due to the complexity of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) regulations. A comprehensive PEO, like Oasis, can offer guidance, and sometimes relief, from the administrative burden of these regulations.
The new infographic is available for use at www.oasisadvantage.com/peo-infographic.