Minnetronix: Q&A With Anthony Millar, Vice President of Operations

When Anthony Millar joined Minnetronix in August of 2016, he brought more than 15 years of medical device manufacturing experience to the operations team. Anthony has used his expertise in new product development, materials management and supply chain along with his extensive experience in lean and Six Sigma methodologies to bring significant enhancements to Minnetronix manufacturing operations. We sat down with Anthony to learn more about his goals, his team and what inspires him.
Over the past year, Minnetronix has made strategic investments in Manufacturing Operations. What were your goals for this initiative?
The medical device world is in a time of transition. We continue to see a growing number of mergers and acquisitions that are changing our customer base. In Operations, we have to be ready to meet the needs of an even broader spectrum of customers. The investments we are making in our people, processes and facilities are intensely focused on delivering superior execution, unparalleled quality and compliance on every project and for every customer.
One of the most significant enhancements to Operations is the New Product Commercialization team and space. What is the team’s primary objective and what benefit does this provide to our customers?
This investment has allowed us to look holistically at our processes and to improve the way we move products from development into commercial manufacturing. Creating a New Product Commercialization (NPC) team and space dedicated to development and tech transfer projects is central to our goal of providing faster pathways to commercialization and continuously improving quality. Our team includes highly skilled electronics assemblers who support product builds from early stage prototype through post DVT pilot builds; process development engineers who accelerate selection, procurement, and qualification of the best equipment, tooling, fixtures, and raw materials; and quality engineers who tailor quality system requirements to meet the unique needs of each customer. Ultimately, the NPC team’s early exposure to projects in development and enhanced communication will benefit both our customers and the patients they serve.
What motivates your team?
We have a talented team with broad and deep experience. What both links and drives us is an innate desire to help people. We wake up every morning knowing that the work we do is making a positive difference in the world. How great is that?
What is one quality you think is essential in your position?
Adaptability. At Minnetronix, we work with customers from small startups to billion dollar multi-nationals. We pride ourselves in being able to meet, and often exceed, customer expectations. This is especially important given the inevitability of changing circumstances associated with our diverse customer base.
Where do you look for inspiration?
My Dad was a successful Operations executive until his retirement in 2016. His story is the classic American dream. When I was born, he was working as a 3rd shift production operator in the coil coating industry. I can remember my mom telling my brothers and me that we had to keep quiet while in the house during the day so my Dad could sleep. By the time I graduated from college, he was the president of a $200M+ division of that same company. Watching him operate over the years, I learned the value of a strong work ethic and techniques for building and developing great teams. When I run into an issue, I can always count on my Dad to have an applicable story to share and to help me devise a go forward strategy.