MedAssist and GAFFEY Healthcare Partner to Enable Better Financial Results for Hospitals and Better Patient Experiences

Franklin, TN Apr 7, 2016 – MedAssist, a provider of revenue cycle solutions for hospitals, and GAFFEY Healthcare, a provider of automation technology for hospital revenue cycle, today announced a partnership. The partnership enables MedAssist hospital customers a path to improve their net revenue position. MedAssist will begin leveraging the GAFFEY AutoStatus technology to achieve greater efficiency in parts of the claims management process.
“Hospitals often have large volumes of insurance receivables aged 30 days and greater. Yet little information is available regarding why such claims remains unpaid,” said Noel Felipe, Division President for MedAssist. “In helping hospitals collect these accounts, 20-30% of processing time is spent researching why a claim remains unpaid and how to get it paid. By utilizing the GAFFEY AutoStatus technology, our team reduces inefficiencies in that work enabling more focus on value-added efforts such as working denied claims and other activities directly impacting our customers’ net revenue position.”
The GAFFEY Healthcare AutoStatus tool automates the process of retrieving patient claims statuses in a fraction of the time of traditional, manual methods. The technology-driven data management service interfaces with payors to update electronic claims statuses, and can process large amounts of claims often during off-peak hours. The results improve business office work flow by notifying collectors of what claims have been processed, adjudicated or if immediate action or follow-up is needed.
“What ultimately sets GAFFEY apart is that their technology is based on their deep experience leading and operating hospitals,” said Venkat Raman, Chief Executive Officer for MedAssist. “They know what it’s like on the inside and how technology needs to work in a real environment. With GAFFEY we elevate our capabilities, and more importantly, a path for our customers to achieve better financial results and better experiences for their patients.”
“MedAssist is an exciting opportunity,” said Derek Morkel, Chief Executive Officer for GAFFEY Healthcare. “We all want to improve the financial patient experience. That’s tough to achieve without eliminating inefficiencies in the back office revenue cycle work. MedAssist is in the trenches with their hospital customers every day. Now, armed with AutoStatus, they are better positioned to help their customers achieve better results.”