Jiff & Quantum Health launch joint product to improve healthcare experience for employees

Columbus, OH Oct 6, 2015 – Jiff, the leading enterprise health benefits platform, and Quantum Health, the leader in care coordination and consumer navigation, announced today a joint-service offering for self-funded employers that will address the growing need for a comprehensive personal and digital solution to improve the health and healthcare experience of employees.
Both Quantum Health and Jiff are proven experts at understanding the consumer, and together with the launch of IQHealth, they integrate Jiff’s smart technology with Quantum Health’s live experts for guided support to create the ultimate personalized experience for employees. IQHealth allows the consumer to quickly and easily connect to expert advice and information about individual health plan and healthcare options through their preferred channel. IQHealth is driven by the power of data connection to point solutions and real-time health plan interaction data from members and providers, which allows for better coordinated care and steers employees to the most relevant and helpful health tools available to them, improving experience and overall health. Furthermore, IQHealth allows employers to engage their entire population from sick to well, addressing employee needs earlier in the healthcare journey when there is the maximum opportunity to impact engagement and health outcomes.
Key features of IQHealth include a mobile-first interface for quick answers to health and benefits questions; access to Care Coordinators when users need a live expert; employer- and individual-level knowledge of benefit design, coverage, and programs; proactive, personalized recommendations delivered in real-time; and population-level analytics and insights for administrators.
“The healthcare system continues to grow more overwhelming and complex every day. Cutting through the confusion and clutter and getting employees what they need, when they need it, is critical for employers,” said Kara Trott, founder and chief executive officer, Quantum Health. “IQHealth is a unique hybrid, the best of all the digital and human solutions on the market, combined as one. This joint offering is a huge step towards the goal of eliminating the confusion and wasteful spend that happens when consumers get lost in the system.”
Quantum Health built a best-in-class model for care coordination and navigation based on an extensive two-year study tracking how people experience their healthcare journey, what they need and how best to connect with them. Quantum Health’s model eliminates confusion for employees by providing a single point of contact for questions about claims, pharmacy, and general benefits, as well as third-party vendor assistance and optimization.
“Companies are spending too much on healthcare and getting too little for it,” said Derek Newell, Chief Executive Officer at Jiff. “IQHealth is the result of a deep product integration which seamlessly manages the patient journey and elevates the functionality of both Jiff and Quantum Health’s offerings, helping employees reach their health goals and lower healthcare spend for employers.”
Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform lowers overall costs by allowing employers to deliver smarter and simpler benefit programs personalized for each employee. Using data analytics, Jiff can adapt in real-time to address the needs of an employee population and drive utilization of services proven to work. Jiff provides a personalized experience for each employee that is beautifully designed, engaging, and effective. All this adds up to reduced enterprise healthcare costs – and healthier and more productive employees.