Intralign provides a voice to the debate about workflow optimization. OR workflow optimization carves out order from chaos.

Excerpt from Healthcare Purchasing News article
Phoenix, AZ Jan 19, 2014 – Spend any amount of time behind the scenes in the perioperative suite, and you’ll likely find yourself amidst a whirling dervish of activity and chaos. You might even begin to wonder how surgical cases are ever successfully completed with all of the starts, stops and delays that happen during the course of the day, whether awaiting surgeons, supplies, test results or even patients. Indeed, the complexity of the OR is matched only by the variety of cases and surgical techniques performed.
Explore this area further and you’ll discover why scheduling is just one tiny piece of optimizing perioperative workflow. Intuitive systems help improve patient safety and meet quality goals, provide comprehensive data analysis and benchmarking capabilities to help improve OR utilization, increase throughput and surgical case volumes, as well as bolster physician, staff and patient satisfaction. At the heart of all these systems are real-time communication tools such as scheduling dashboards, HIPAA compliant family messaging display boards, automatic status updates, safety checklists, reporting tools and more.
Four executives from companies offering perioperative workflow management solutions talked with Healthcare Purchasing News about what makes an OR tick.

…”There are a multitude of factors that can impact perioperative efficiency, such as ineffective approaches to patient scheduling, sub-optimal OR staffing, completing paperwork, or turning over the OR between cases. To address these factors at a macro level, we believe one of the biggest ways to improve efficiency in the OR is by improving knowledge about how and where resources are used, aligning clinical and operational goals, and ensuring OR staffing that is geared to maximizing throughput and quality. ”
– Lars Thording, Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs, Intralign