HealthTronics Invests in Additional Mobile Medical Technologies As Cost Efficient Solution for Hospitals, Doctors

HealthTronics Expands Portfolio, Acquires Mobile Laser Solutions Company
Austin, TX May 27, 2015 — In today’s healthcare landscape, where costs are growing and margins are getting tighter, it can be challenging for doctors and hospitals to keep up with the latest technology for cutting edge treatments.
Austin-based HealthTronics, Inc. is offering a solution to that problem, with minimally invasive, mobile medical therapies for clinically sophisticated applications. The company has now broadened its mobile medical portfolio with the acquisition of Laser Ventures, Inc., a mobile laser technology company based in Woodstock, Georgia. The company’s lasers are used for a wide variety of procedures, including urology, orthopedics, gynecology, neurology and many other indications.
“By mobilizing more technology, we can effectively and efficiently accommodate the needs of any size health care provider, from comprehensive medical centers to remote and rural communities,” explained Russell Newman, president of HealthTronics.
For over 25 years, HealthTronics has focused on providing mobile medical technology for urology indications. Since becoming an independent company in February 2014, HealthTronics has been acquiring companies and technologies to serve more specialists, including interventional radiologists and oncologists.
Newman says medical providers and healthcare facilities benefit from mobile technology because there is no large capital payment required, there is little to no risk of the device becoming obsolete, and there are no administrative headaches of maintaining the technology or training support staff to help operate it.
HealthTronics’ mobile medical technologies allow doctors and hospitals to access a device for individual procedures so that they can provide a wide array of clinical treatment options without purchasing and servicing big pieces of equipment. Current applications include lithotripsy, microwave ablation, nerve monitoring, laser treatment and cryotherapy for urology and interventional radiology.
HealthTronics delivers the mobile device to the medical facility where the physician conducts the procedure. A dedicated, highly trained HealthTronics technologist assists with operation of the equipment, and studies show that experienced technologists can directly impact the overall treatment success rates.1
HealthTronics is able to accommodate any size healthcare provider, from comprehensive medical centers to those in remote and rural communities.
Said Newman, “HealthTronics’ mobile health solutions can be used for treating cancerous tumors to breaking up kidney stones to nerve monitoring during delicate prostate cancer surgeries. And we’ll continue to listen to physicians and health industry experts to expand our minimally invasive treatment options moving forward.”