HealthTronics Continues its Growth in Mobile Medical Technology

Austin, TX Nov 23, 2016: HealthTronics, Inc. announced it has expanded its fleet of mobile medical equipment and broadened its reach across the United States through the October 31st acquisition of Plymouth, Minnesota-based HealthTech Solutions, Inc.
“Acquiring HealthTech Solutions further enables HealthTronics to make available a wide array of clinical treatment options to doctors and hospitals of any size – from comprehensive medical centers to offices in remote, rural communities,” said Russell Newman, president of HealthTronics.
Founded in 2002, HealthTech Solutions’ technicians deliver, set up and monitor laser and surgical technology. The company also offers workshops and training, as well as cosmetic products.
Specialties served by HealthTech Solutions include dermatology, general surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, podiatry, urology, ophthalmology and optometry.
HealthTech Solutions operates in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. The acquisition of HealthTech Solutions adds 14 employees to HealthTronics’ staff.
This latest expansion is HealthTronics’ fifth acquisition in the past two years.
“Expanding HealthTronics’ technology fleet and geographic reach through the acquisition of HealthTech Solutions will help us put the best tools available into the hands of even more physicians,” Newman said.