HealthTronics Announces Presentations at American Urological Association 2015 Annual Meeting

HealthTronics announces cryotherapy abstract presentations from urologists from around the country and the world at the American Urological Association annual meeting held May 15-19.
Austin, TX May 20, 2015 — HealthTronics, a leading provider of mobile medical treatments and services, announced that various urologists from around the country and the world presented abstracts relating to cryotherapy at AUA2015, the American Urological Association annual meeting held May 15-19 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Cryotherapy is a technology that uses small ice crystals to destroy cancer, rather than drugs or radiation.
“HealthTronics is committed to working with some of the top urologists in the country toward the advancement of treatments for prostate and kidney cancer,” said Russell Newman, HealthTronics’ President. “The new research illustrates the important role of cryotherapy for these potentially deadly diseases.”
Cryotherapy treatment devices are among the top mobile medical technologies that Austin-based HealthTronics manufactures and distributes.
The cryotherapy presentations were as follows:
“Salvage Ultrasound Guided Targeted Microcryoablation of the Peri-Spermatic Cord for Persistent Chronic Scrotal Content Pain After Microsurgical Denervation of the Spermatic Cord.” Abstract number: PD40-04
“Outcomes of Salvage Prostate Cryoablation After Primary External Beam Radiation or Brachytherapy: Is There a Difference?” Abstract number: MP82-12
“Long-Term Morbidity and Oncological Outcomes of Salvage Cryotherapy of Radio-Recurrent Prostate Cancer.” Abstract number: MP78-08
“Prospective Quality of Life Impact Analysis Following Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments: Brachytherapy, Cryotherapy, and Radical Prostatectomy Long-Term Follow-Up.” Abstract number: MP14-02
“Comparing Oncologic Outcomes of Different Definitive Treatments for Prostate Cancer after a Period of Active Surveillance.” Abstract number: PD30-04
“Laparoscopic versus percutaneous cryoablation for T1 renal masses: an Italian multicentric study.” Abstract number: MP57-13