HealthTronics Announces Distribution Agreement with HS Medical

HealthTronics Expands Minimally Invasive, Cancer Technology Portfolio
Now independent, company seeks new partners as part of strategic growth
Austin, TX Jul 8, 2014 — HealthTronics, Inc., a leading provider of integrated urological and interventional radiology products and services, has signed a distribution agreement through its Endocare, Inc. subsidiary with HS Medical, Inc. that expands HealthTronics’ technology portfolio to include a new, targeted ablation solution.
Under the agreement, HealthTronics will make available HS Medical’s new generation of HS Amica® microwave ablation apparatus to health care providers and their patients. (
Microwave ablation is a targeted, minimally invasive procedure that uses a “heating probe” to ablate soft tissue. The procedure works by applying heat directly into the tissue through the probe, which agitates water molecules in the tissue, generates heat, and causes ablation of the tissue. The HS Amica® system is FDA-cleared for thermal ablation of soft tissue other than cardiac tissue and is typically used for ablation of liver, lung and kidney tissue. Its exclusive “mini-choke” technology provides optimum control of the microwave field within the ablation target.
“Microwave ablation complements our technology portfolio of minimally invasive, targeted approaches to treating tissue,” said Russell Newman, President of HealthTronics. “The agreement also underscores our commitment to bring to doctors and patients products that meet their needs—namely, minimally invasive, economical and effective.”
Newman says that since becoming an independent company following the divestiture from Endo International plc in February 2014, HealthTronics has been actively looking to expand its portfolio of products and services, including seeking FDA clearance for additional therapeutic applications of its existing cryotherapy technology.
The technologies currently offered by the company include Endocare® cryotherapy systems for ablation of prostate, kidney and lung cancer tumors, lithotripters for dissolving kidney stones, lasers for treating benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and nerve monitoring equipment for use during robotic prostate surgery.