HealthTronics Announces Distribution Agreement with Clinicon

Laser Surgical Device Expands Minimally Invasive, Mobile Technology Portfolio
Austin, TX Sep 22, 2014 — HealthTronics, Inc., a leading provider of integrated urological and interventional radiology products and services, has signed a distribution agreement through its Endocare, Inc. subsidiary with Clinicon Corporation for its high precision laser technology. The addition expands HealthTronics’ portfolio of minimally invasive, mobile, surgical technology—offering more choices for healthcare providers and their patients.
Under the agreement, HealthTronics will make available Clinicon’s FDA-cleared SureLase™ CO2 Laser System and Fiber Accessories to physicians, hospitals, surgical centers and other health care providers for a wide range of surgical specialties.
HealthTronics and Clinicon will jointly exhibit at the AAO-HNSF 2014 in Orlando to address the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) market. Some of the most common ENT surgeries performed with the SureLase™ CO2 Laser System include micro laryngoscopies, bronchoscopies, and stapedectomies.
“Clinicon’s high precision laser technology replaces bulky articulating mirror arms with thin fiber optics to reduce trauma to patients during laser surgical procedures. This makes it a natural complement to our portfolio of minimally invasive mobile products,” said Russell Newman, President of HealthTronics.
Clinicon’s surgical tools are used to deliver CO2 laser energy for incision, ablation and coagulation or cauterization of soft tissue. The CO2 laser, often known as the original “surgical laser,” most resembles the traditional surgical instruments for cutting, ablation and coagulation.
Since becoming an independent company in February 2014, HealthTronics has pursued a strategy to expand its portfolio of minimally invasive mobile technology. Said Newman, “With mobile technology, health care providers can offer more comprehensive care efficiently and effectively by not taking on large capital costs and maintenance. That’s an advantage for the provider and the patient.”
To date, HealthTronics has added nerve monitoring equipment for use during robotic prostate surgery and targeted microwave energy for ablation of soft tissues. Other technologies currently offered by the company include Endocare® cryotherapy systems for ablation of prostate, kidney and lung cancer tumors, lithotripters for fragmenting kidney stones and lasers for treating benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).