HealthTronics Acquires Three Mobile Lithotripsy Companies

Austin, TX Aug 15, 2014 — HealthTronics, Inc. has acquired three mobile lithotripsy service companies, Baltimore Lithotripsy Associates (BLA), American Mobile Advantage and American Mobile Advantage CA (collectively AMA), thereby expanding its fleet of mobilized technology for urological care.
BLA and AMA have been providing lithotripsy services in and around the Mid-Atlantic region, Northern California and the state of Washington for over a dozen years.
“The acquisitions underscore our mission to provide exceptional and effective technologies that improve patient care,” said Russell Newman, President of HealthTronics. “Health care providers will have easier access to lithotripsy technology as well as HealthTronics’ broad portfolio of interventional radiology and urology solutions.”
Newman said the acquisition strengthens HealthTronics relationship with the regions’ hospitals and large urology group practices, and also complements the company’s strategic goal—to support and grow its core mobile technology and services business. “By mobilizing more technology, we can effectively and efficiently accommodate the needs of any size health care provider, from comprehensive medical centers to remote and rural communities.”
Lithotripsy, a noninvasive procedure for treating kidney stones, uses shock waves to break the stone into small particles to allow the body to more easily pass it out. Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. According to the National Kidney Foundation®, one in ten people in the United States will have a kidney stone during their lifetime and over half a million people a year go to the emergency room for treatment (
Since divesting from Endo International plc in February 2014, HealthTronics has focused on expanding its portfolio of products and services, including seeking FDA clearance for additional therapeutic applications of its existing cryotherapy technology.
Other technologies offered by HealthTronics include Endocare® cryotherapy systems for ablation of prostate, kidney and lung cancer tumors, lasers for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), microwave ablation systems for treating soft tissue and nerve monitoring equipment for use during robotic prostate surgery.