G&H Orthodontics Partners with Premier Dental to Give Patients their Great Big Day

G&H Orthodontics is a full line manufacturer of orthodontic products. G&H has supplied Orthodontists worldwide with the best products on the market for over 40 years. We are proud of the reputation that we have garnered in the industry and continue to look for ways to bring quality products to our customers. For this reason, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Premier Dental, and to offer our customers even more outstanding treatment options.
For over a century, Premier Dental has provided innovative, standard-setting products that help dental professionals perform their craft at the highest level. Premier’s inspired solutions are not only a perfect complement to Orthodontists focused on delivering a terrific outcome on the Great Big Day…they’re also an indispensable part of ensuring patients enjoy an entire lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. With an award-winning stable of products including Enamel Pro® Prophy paste with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP), the versatile 2pro® prophy angles, Enamel Pro® Varnish, Alfa™ Triple Trays®, the Perfecta® REV!® whitening system and Enamelon®, Premier’s product suite is a terrific fit with G&H. Premier Dental CEO Julie Charlestein announced, “Premier is proud to partner with G&H as our companies have a shared mission to deliver unsurpassed oral care health solutions to our customers and great outcomes to their patients. Whether it’s helping patients look their absolute best on their Great Big Day, or equipping them with the products and hygiene regimen to keep their smiles bright and healthy on their journey forward, Premier is thrilled to play an important role alongside G&H.”
Patients, parents, Orthodontists, G&H Orthodontics, and Premier Dental are all invested in bringing healthy smiles to life. That is what this business is all about – to create great big days for every patient out there. Kevin McNulty, CEO of G&H Orthodontics, agrees noting, “Nothing touched my heart more than seeing that first smile when my children had their Great Big Day! At G&H, we are very grateful to play a part in this moment and we thank our doctors for trusting us with their masterpieces.”
About G&H Orthodontics
G&H Orthodontics, Inc. is a leading provider of clinical solutions for the orthodontic community serving customers for over 40 years in over 90 countries. G&H® is the manufacturer of a full line made in the U.S.A. including brackets, bands, tubes, wires, springs, elastomerics, and other orthodontic supplies. G&H is compliant with the U.S. FDA, ISO 13485:2003, Medical Device Directives, 93/42 EEC and Canadian Medical Device Guidelines, which ensures availability of products worldwide. G&H Orthodontics is a privately held company headquartered in Franklin, Indiana.
About Premier® Dental
Premier Dental is a global privately held developer and manufacturer of dental products with sales in over 75 countries. Dental professionals have turned to Premier for over 100 years to improve their daily procedures and practices. A leader in bringing innovative products to market, Premier is dedicated to inspired solutions for daily dentistry. To learn more about Premier Dental’s inspired solutions for daily dentistry, visit www.premusa.com.
Heidi Kienholz, Marketing Manager
G&H Orthodontics