Geisinger Health System, Precyse Solutions and M*Modal Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Clinical Documentation and Billing Efficiency

Danville and Wayne, PA Dec 16, 2010 — Precyse Solutions, LLC, a health care technology-‐enabled services company, today announced that it has been named one of the two top medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) in the 2010 KLAS “Transcription Services: Competition, Technology, Consolidation” report. Precyse received the second highest overall performance ranking, with its score less than a half point behind the first‐place vendor. Moreover, Precyse’s 2010 score of 91.7 exceeded the 2009 score of last year’s top vendor and improved upon Precyse’s 90.4 score in 2009. Precyse provides hospitals and physicians with the most advanced dictation­‐transcription software platform, deploying sophisticated automated speech understanding and natural language processing technologies along with its extensive transcription services organization.
Key findings of the 2010 KLAS report include:
• Precyse received an overall score of 91.7 out of 100.
• Precyse received the highest score in Report Quality, a key differentiator in client satisfaction.
• On a scale of 1 – 9, Precyse was the highest-­scoring vendor in the categories of Money’s Worth (8.5) and Real Problem Resolution (8.5) and was tied for the highest score for Quality of Service Staff (8.3). In addition, Precyse was the only vendor to be rated above average in three of the four service categories.
• 100% of surveyed Precyse clients said Precyse keeps its promises and that they would continue to do business with Precyse.
• Precyse demonstrated its ability to meet client expectations for both domestic and international transcription, and had the highest domestic transcription score.
• Precyse received 100% positive comments from clients in the area of Project Results.
• KLAS named Precyse one of only a few vendors who have made a serious investment in Administrative Tools, another key differentiator.
• Precyse was named one of only a few vendors offering an end­‐to‐end solution for service, technology and scalability.
Graham Triggs, KLAS director of financial and services research and author of the MTSO report said, “Today, most vendors’ performance scores are at their highest ever. Even so, the market is in transition. Vendors are clearly moving towards taking ownership of more of the entire transcription, technology, and service relationship with providers.”
KLAS is an independent‐research company that conducts surveys of healthcare executives and
professionals within the hospital and physician client base of each MTSO. The resulting performancerankings reflect the aggregated opinions of customers, comparing MTSO performance against participant objectives and expectations.
“It is gratifying that our clients have noticed and appreciated the qualities that set us apart in the industry,” says Sharon Fremer, Precyse’s Vice President of Transcription Solutions.“We’re particularly pleased that 100 percent of our surveyed clients said Precyse keeps its promises and they would continue to do business with us. We attribute our high KLAS ranking to a combination of our experienced, dedicated and well-­trained staff, our proven, trusted technologies and the active participation of our loyal clients in the KLAS survey, who are always helping us improve.”
CEO and Founder of Precyse Jeffrey Levitt adds, “The results of the KLAS report clearly indicate that Precyse continues to dominate the top of the pack of transcription service providers. But dictation and transcription is only the starting point for our enterprise clinical documentation software platform. By successfully capturing, digitizing and tagging our clinical data and importing this data into an electronic medical record as structured and tagged text, we are confident that we will add great value to our clients through our automated coding, clinical documentation improvement and clinical decision support tools and services. We are committed to capitalizing on our innovative technologies, excellent performance and extraordinary customer service to remain a leader not only in transcription services, but in all of our business lines.”