GAFFEY Healthcare Webinar – Automated Claims Statusing Boosts Revenue and Productivity

How much time do your billers spend checking patient claim statuses? Automate the process and put an end to non-revenue generating tasks.
Plano, TX and Pleasanton, CA Mar 11, 2015 – Last week, we made the official announcement that our automated claim statusing software, AutoStatus, is now available as a stand-alone product, completely independent of the AlphaCollector platform. The amount of interest and number of responses that we received was impressive and, in order to meet demand, we’ve decided to host a free webinar to showcase AutoStatus and its collector productivity-enhancing capabilities.
Overview: AutoStatus is a cloud-based screen-scraping platform that interfaces with Medicare and over 200 commercial payers to automate the process of retrieving patient claim statuses & updating accounting systems in a fraction of the time it takes by phone or web portal. It improves business office work-flow by notifying collectors of what claims have been processed, adjudicated or if immediate follow-up is needed. The results are drastic time-savings for collectors and, ultimately, cost savings for facilities.
Who should attend: CEOs, CFOs, Business Office Directors/Managers, Patient Accounting Directors/Managers, Patient Financial Services Directors/Managers
Facilities: Hospitals, health systems, physician groups & surgery centers.