Defense Supply Center – Columbus Selects U.S. HealthWorks For Two On-Site Employee Health Centers

Columbus, OH Oct 31, 2011 – The Defense Supply Center – Columbus has selected U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, a leading operator of occupational healthcare and urgent care medical centers, to operate two on-site health centers for their employees.
Through this program, U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group will be responsible for providing medical services to over 6,500 people; both civilian employees as well as active military personnel.
The comprehensive medical services to be provided include health and wellness training. Interactive health awareness event programs, injury and illness assessment and treatment, vaccinations, medical surveillance exams, pre-employment exams and testing as well as physical exams for military personnel about to be deployed.
“We are excited to partner with DSCC to provide high-quality, on-site healthcare for employees,” said Dr. Thomas Hadley, Regional Medical Director for U.S. HealthWorks. U.S. HealthWorks, which operates six other medical centers throughout Ohio, began serving employees on Oct. 25.
With 169 centers and worksite locations in 15 states and 2,700 employees – including approximately 600 medical providers – U.S. HealthWorks centers serve over 10,000 patients each day throughout the country.