CSafe Receives FAA Approval for New RAP ULD Container

CSafe Global has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their new RAP ULD container, the latest addition to the company’s full line of active and passive cold chain packaging solutions.
CSafe Global’s commitment to addressing its customers’ needs has been proven yet again with the announcement of the FAA approval of the new CSafe RAP. CSafe has recognized the increasing needs of pharmaceutical and life-science companies to ship large quantities of temperature-sensitive products to patients around the world.
The CSafe RAP is the latest innovation in high performing temperature controlled containers (TCC) purposely designed to support life-science companies with air cargo transportation of life-enhancing or life-saving products.
Developed and designed with performance in mind, the CSafe RAP utilizes innovative heating and compressor-driven cooling technologies together with advanced ThermoCor® VIP insulation to eliminate the payload risks associated with extreme ambient temperature conditions and long-duration shipments. The new CSafe RAP active container system leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the well-established CSafe RKN to remove the operational and environmental challenges encountered with global temperature controlled shipments.
With its newly designed composite exterior panels, the CSafe RAP is not only durable, but is also voluminous, and can easily accommodate up to four standard US-pallets or five standard Euro-pallets. It is approved for use on both lower and upper decks of aircraft, thus allowing expansion of lanes and flights available to pharma companies for delivery of high-value biopharmaceutical products. The CSafe RAP provides an extended battery run time of more than 100 hours, a large payload volume of 6.68m3, and unmatched operational capabilities, maintaining constant payload temperatures even at extreme ambient temperatures from -30°C to +54°C.
Brian Kohr, President and CEO of CSafe Global, remarks, “FAA approval of our new active system is a very important milestone for CSafe Global and puts us another step closer to our planned launch date of early 2018 for the CSafe RAP. By upgrading to CSafe’s active RAP solution, shippers will benefit from the industry’s best performing temperature controlled container to transport their large shipments of valuable product effectively and successfully, time after time, with utmost confidence.”
CSafe Global will continue to provide pertinent information about the forthcoming launch of the new CSafe RAP, including announcements about airline approvals and updates to the global service network. Furthermore, the operational qualification (OQ) report for the new CSafe RAP is now finalized, with this data being available to pharma shippers for system qualification purposes. Pharmaceutical companies may contact CSafe Global at sales@CSafeGlobal.com or their local CSafe sales representative for a copy of the OQ report.