CSafe Offers Cold Chain Solutions to Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief Agencies

Dayton, OH Oct 5, 2016 – For over 25 years, global healthcare agencies and disaster relief organizations have trusted CSafe to protect temperature-sensitive lifesaving supplies being transported to the most extreme locations. CSafe is offering to provide disaster-relief organizations responding to areas affected by Hurricane Matthew its industry leading thermal shipping solutions to help protect medicines and medical equipment being transported into these areas.
CSafe Global is an expert in cold chain solutions and produces actively controlled mobile refrigeration units for life sciences, healthcare, military and international disaster relief agencies. They are once again working with aid organizations and medical facilities in the affected areas by offering the use of their mobile battery powered, temperature-controlled containers for transporting and storing blood, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive healthcare supplies.
Products available to disaster-responding agencies include passive insulated shipping boxes, active mobile containers, (such as the company’s AX56L mobile refrigerator/freezer which can be powered by AC or battery) and the RKN refrigerated pallet sized air cargo container. These packaging solutions thrive on thermal integrity and proficient operation which results in a secure shipment and delivery to those in need, boosting the resiliency of disaster-stricken areas.
For more information, relief agencies and medical facilities working in the areas affected by the hurricane can contact CSafe directly at +1 937-245-6387 or via disasterrelief@csafeglobal.com.