CSafe: Kalibox Website Redesign Introduction

CSafe Global is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned and improved website for Kalibox at www.kalibox.com.
After acquiring Kalibox in 2016, extensive work has gone into modifying the Kalibox website to improve the navigation of the company’s solutions, products and services in addition to adding resource sections for useful information through blogs, news releases and the CSafe Global Equips Newsletters. A key focus in the redesign effort was to make it a fully responsive design so visitors can navigate on any mobile device.
President and CEO, Brian Kohr shares, “We believe that the new Kalibox website design is a more complete expression of the line of Kalibox solutions designed for the safe transportation of life saving medicines throughout Europe and around the World as well as providing access to the complete lineup of CSafe Global cold chain solutions. The new site is a statement of our vision – to be the most trusted cold chain solutions partner.”
About Kalibox
Kalibox is a specialist in the design and manufacture of temperature-controlled packaging for pharmaceutical and other healthcare applications. Kalibox offers a full range of innovative solutions to cope with uncertain thermal conditions during transit including insulated pallet shippers, pre-qualified cold chain containers and insulated courier bags. It also manufactures thermal stabilizer packs using its patented TRB (Thermal Regulated Buffer) technology. The company has comprehensive, accredited, in-house testing and metrology facilities and is able to design and develop customized cold chain solutions for the most demanding customer requirements. Kalibox has two facilities in France with ready access to all the main European markets.
About CSafe Global
CSafe Global is the parent of Kalibox and manufactures the AcuTemp® brand passive packaging and hand-held mobile carriers, the CSafe® brand of active containers, and is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. The active solution product assortment includes the industry leading CSafe RKN, which utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology to eliminate the risks associated with extreme ambient conditions as well as the conditioning, cost, aggravation and environmental challenges associated with dry ice and PCM’s. CSafe Global’s AcuTemp brand has provided temperature management solutions since its founding more than 25 years ago. The courier is a simple-to-use, reusable temperature management system with multiple sizes, temperature ranges and durations designed to protect vital shipments during last mile delivery. The passive packaging assortment includes solutions for 2-8°C, CRT and frozen shipments with temperature hold times up to 240 hours. csafeglobal.com