CSafe Global’s Puerto Rico Service Center 100% Operational

CSafe Global’s Service Center in Puerto Rico continues to stay 100% operational, and ready to support our valuable customers and partners.
Since CSafe Global was founded with the objective to help prevent patient suffering resulting from the spoilage or delay of crucial medicines, we understood that remaining closed after Hurricane Maria was just not an option for us. We needed to be ready and prepared to support our pharma customers, and to address their crucial needs for temperature-controlled shipping solutions.
Meet our dedicated team members in the SJU Service Center who, in coordination with the CSafe Global Operations team, arranged for generators to be available to ensure power at our local service center, provided satellite phones and internet hotspots to maintain communication with our customers, installed tanks for drinking water, and provided housing and transportation services for our local employees to ensure operational readiness. As a result, CSafe Global was able to fully restore our operations in Puerto Rico within 72 hours of the devastating hurricane. Since then, CSafe Global has been regularly chartering our CSafe RKN active containers onto the island to ensure system availability.
CSafe Global continues to stand ready to support our customers with their temperature-sensitive cargo needs and the cold-chain transportation of their life-saving medicines off the island, and to their patients around the world.