CSafe Global Opens New Service Centers in Switzerland and Sweden

Dayton, OH—CSafe Global, the innovation leader in active temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the opening of two new service centers in Europe to meet the ever-increasing demand for CSafe’s best-in-class active containers.
CSafe Global has announced today that it has expanded its cold chain service offerings in Europe by opening two new technical service centers — one at the Zurich Airport (ZRH) in Switzerland and one at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) in Sweden. The addition of these new European service centers will strengthen the existing CSafe service center network within the EU, ensuring that the organization is well positioned to optimally serve the higher volume of inbound and outbound traffic of the innovative CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP active temperature-controlled containers in the European region.
The new Swiss and Swedish service center facilities will ensure that CSafe’s active containers are operating at peak system performance, keeping temperatures precisely where they need to be for vital shipments of pharmaceuticals as they are transported to patients around the world.
“As part of our continuing commitment to deliver value, effective, and quality temperature-sensitive shipping solutions to our customers across Europe, we opened the ZRH and ARN service centers to support the increasing demand for CSafe containers. We are certainly proud of CSafe’s unprecedented growth and the expansion of our active container fleet by almost 100% over the past 24 months, states Tom Weir, VP of Global Operations at CSafe. “We have more than enough capacity with our active fleet to continue with our accelerated growth strategy to expand geographically and serve our global customers with the most innovative temperature-controlled containers available”.
CSafe service centers are key to ensuring that the company’s active temperature-controlled container systems maintain the high operational standards expected for meeting the critical needs of CSafe’s life-science customers and partners across the globe. The new Zurich and Stockholm service centers will further strengthen CSafe’s commitment to deliver on its promise of protecting what matters most to pharmaceutical companies, so patients can receive what matters most to them.
To upgrade to a higher level of performance and thermal protection when shipping crucial pharmaceuticals, please visit www.CSafeGlobal.com or contact the CSafe customer service team at leasing@CSafeGlobal.com for more information.