CSafe Global Mobile Refrigeration Units Ensure Safe Transport of COVID-19 Test Kits

CSafe Global’s AX56L active mobile refrigeration unit is allowing Genome LLC to safely transport COVID-19 test kits to their lab for analysis.
CSafe Global, the innovation leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-enhancing pharmaceuticals, is working with Genome LLC to ensure that their COVID-19 genetic testing kits arrive safely at Genome’s lab for analysis using CSafe’s AX56L mobile refrigeration units.
Genome is a high complexity, genetic testing lab based in South Florida that is specializing in COVID-19 testing. According to Genome, their genetic test protects against false positive and negative results because it detects the actual virus in your system using genetic analysis rather than looking for antibodies in a patient’s blood.
Because the genetic testing process is so complex, it is critical that the nasal and throat swabs collected from patients remain at sub-zero temperatures from the time of collection until they are tested. If the testing was happening at the collection site, this would be a simple process, however, Genome has two testing locations that require the samples to be transported from the collection site to the lab.
This is where CSafe’s AX56L mobile refrigeration unit comes in. Built with emergency services and field medical use in mind, the unit is small enough to fit into the back of any SUV for easy transport. The AX56L is a small active system lined with VIP insulation that requires no ice or additional coolants to maximize the 56L payload space. It offers a broad operating range (-20°C to +49°C / -4°F to +120°F) using forced air convection, a 48-hour payload temperature duration on internal batteries and a safety alarm for temperature deviations.
Using these small active systems, Genome safely transports samples every day and is able to quickly analyze them and provide highly accurate results to patients allowing them to either self-quarantine, eliminate a cause for their symptoms, or rest assured they are not spreading the virus.