CSafe AcuTemp Plus Series: A New Era in Temperature-controlled VIP Passive Packaging has Begun

Dayton, OH—CSafe Global, the only provider of both active and passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the transport of life-enhancing biopharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the launch of its new CSafe AcuTemp Plus Series.
For the past 40 years, CSafe Global has supported life-science companies in keeping temperatures precisely where they need to be, delivering unmatched temperature protection for their vital life-enhancing products as they ship to patients around the world. Today, CSafe is expanding its passive packaging portfolio with the launch of the new AcuTemp Plus Series to address the cold chain needs of commercial pharma, clinical trials, and cell and gene therapies. With high-performing Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) and single temperature phase change material (PCM), this enhanced series is optimally designed for performance, simplicity and efficiency.
“The AcuTemp Plus Series has been developed with our customers in mind, offering them the level of performance and quality they expect, while delivering the peace of mind they deserve,” stated Patrick Schafer, CEO of CSafe Global. “The new AcuTemp Plus Series represents a new era in reusable VIP passive packaging, providing an end-to-end cold chain solution with an industry-leading level of temperature performance.”
With years of experience in the cold chain packaging industry, CSafe recognizes that not all thermal solutions are created equal. CSafe developed this next-generation, high-performance packaging solution from the ultimate combination of proprietary VIP and enhanced PCM technology. Test results of the new product range have been impressive with temperature performances outlasting other market available solutions by a large margin.
CSafe understands the importance of the user experience, investing in R&D efforts to more optimally meet customer needs. All AcuTemp Plus Series solutions are designed for simplicity with minimal solution components. Additionally, the AcuTemp Plus Series has been designed for efficiency, leveraging a fully managed end-to-end retest and reuse program — REPAQ®. With this industry-first reuse program, CSafe is uniquely dedicated to thermally re-qualifying VIP panels on every parcel shipper returned, to guarantee “like new” performance of the reusable packaging solution.
As an indispensable cold chain partner, CSafe is committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and unparalleled customer service. With its industry-leading portfolio of temperature-management solutions, it is CSafe’s mission to bring peace of mind to the cold chain of every life-science customer, protecting their vital shipments, so that patients can receive what matters most to them.
Customers seeking more information about CSafe’s portfolio of passive cold chain packaging solutions should fill out our Contact form or contact their CSafe representative.