Clearwater Executive Chairman Bob Chaput to Keynote Healthcare Internet of Things Conference

NASHVILLE, TN—Clearwater, the leading provider of Enterprise Cyber Risk Management and HIPAA compliance software and consulting services for the healthcare industry, announced today that Executive Chairman Bob Chaput will be among the keynote speakers at the Cylera HIoT Security Executive Summit, taking place in Miami Beach, FL, October 17-18.
Designed to foster collaboration and innovation for the future of medical device security and patient safety, the invitation-only thought leadership summit will bring together Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) from several leading health systems across the country. Medical device security continues to be a major source of concern for the healthcare industry as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Department of Homeland Security issued a new warning on October 1 about cybersecurity vulnerabilities in operating systems that power a variety of medical devices1.
Mr. Chaput’s address, titled “First, Do ‘Know Harm’,” will discuss the growing potential for patient harm due to the compromise of healthcare data, systems, and devices. He will discuss the regulatory requirements and enterprise risk management need for hospitals and health systems to take a more comprehensive and integrated approach to identifying, managing, and reducing cyber risk across the evolving healthcare IT ecosystem.
“The explosion of data, devices, and systems that are supporting healthcare delivery has created the unintended consequence of greater risk — risk not only of protected health information being exposed but also of care not being as accessible or as safe as we need it to be,“ Chaput said. “Patient lives may be at risk, for example, when a ransomware attack disrupts the availability of data and a provider is unable to deliver services. The first step in addressing cyber risk is engaging in a conversation about what cyber risks exist, the potential impacts to patients, and the steps that can be taken to develop a strong Enterprise Cyber Risk Management program.”
A leader who has a unique view of healthcare cybersecurity innovation, Mr. Chaput has been responsible for the associated regulatory compliance and security of some of the world’s largest healthcare networking and computing infrastructures over the course of his nearly 40-year career. He founded Clearwater in 2009 to help healthcare organizations gain a full understanding of all of their cybersecurity risks; that is, all the ways in which there can be a compromise of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of any of their healthcare data, systems, and devices.
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Clearwater is the leading provider of Enterprise Cyber Risk Management and HIPAA compliance software and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Our solutions enable organizations to gain enterprise-wide visibility into cybersecurity risks and more effectively prioritize and manage them, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Clearwater’s IRM|Pro® software and consulting services help healthcare organizations to avoid preventable breaches, protect patients, and meet OCR’s expectations, while optimizing cybersecurity investments. More than 400 healthcare organizations, including 60 of the nation’s largest health systems and a large universe of business associates that serve the industry, trust Clearwater to meet their information security needs. For more information about Clearwater, please visit