Classic Industries Establishes Third-Party Logistics Center in Juarez, Mexico

Latrobe, PA Mar 19, 2014 — Classic Industries, a full-service contract manufacturer of injection-molded components used in medical devices and regulated healthcare products, has opened a third-party logistics facility in Ciudad Juarez, MX, across the Rio Grande from its El Paso, TX plant. The company constructed the 125,000 square-foot facility to meet a Fortune 100 customer’s requirements for assembly, inventory management, kitting and packaging services.
“As customers have asked us increasingly to manage the components we manufacture for them, third-party logistics has become a growing segment of our business,” says Robert P. Subasic, Jr., Classic Industries’ CEO. “By complementing our superior design and manufacturing capabilities with efficient systems for organizing components and moving them to their destinations, we are adding value to customers’ businesses while creating new revenue streams for our company.”
To maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its operations, Classic Industries employs state-of-the-art equipment to assemble and package medical components. Its packaging services include sterile packaging (form, fill and seal), sterile pouching, bar code labeling and bulk packaging. In addition to inventory management, kitting, packaging and transportation, the company’s logistics capabilities include crossdocking, and customs management and compliance services.