American Airlines Cargo Has Approved the Innovative CSafe RAP Temperature-Controlled Container for Flight

DAYTON, OH—CSafe Global, a leading provider of active and passive temperature-controlled packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products, is pleased to announce that American Airlines Cargo, one of the industry’s leading air cargo brands, has approved the recently launched CSafe RAP for flight.
CSafe Global recently launched its latest innovation in temperature-controlled active containers, the CSafe RAP. This new industry-leading solution offers unmatched operational performance, even in the most extreme ambient conditions (-30°C to +54°C), with proprietary VIP insulation, an innovative air recirculation technology, and a unique, autonomous temperature management system.
Since launch, international airlines have worked diligently to approve and qualify this new air-cargo container solution for use on their cargo fleet. Having already seen widespread use, the CSafe RAP has successfully managed numerous temperature-sensitive and time-critical shipments across the globe. Today, American Airlines is the latest airline to approve the CSafe RAP, enabling them to join the roster of airlines that offer the system to their life-science customers who transport large volumes of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.
“We are very proud and excited to now have the validation approval from American Airlines for our CSafe RAP system,” states Jeff Pepperworth, Chief Executive Officer of CSafe Global. “We certainly look forward to further partnering with American to serve our joint pharma customers and to continue the expansion of our global reach with this new active temperature management offering.”
Tom Grubb, global head of pharmaceuticals and healthcare for American Airlines Cargo says “For many years, American and CSafe have worked together to provide high-quality, temperature-controlled Active RKNs to pharmaceutical and healthcare shippers who depend on these containers for safe air transport of their products. American’s goal is to ensure ExpediteTC° continues to accommodate customer requirements in order to meet future demand for increasingly complex medicines around the world. With this objective in mind, American is pleased to now offer the CSafe RAP as a key option for our customers’ valuable cargo.”
The CSafe RAP delivers best-in-class payload temperature protection for vital life-science shipments, assuring the safe delivery of temperature-sensitive, life-enhancing products to patients around the world.
Many of the same leasing options currently available for the proven CSafe RKN are also available for the new CSafe RAP container. Customers may lease the CSafe RAP container directly from CSafe Global, American Airlines, or through one of CSafe’s other logistics partners.
Customers seeking more information about the CSafe RAP or their leasing options should visit