Alterna LLC Launches Kerasal Nail, Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment

Whippany, NJ Aug 22, 2011 — Alterna LLC today announced the launch of Kerasal Nail – Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment, a new addition to the Kerasal® brand. Kerasal Nail is a topical formula that’s clinically proven to rapidly improve appearance of nails damaged or discolored by fungus and psoriasis. The product will be found on store shelves in the foot care aisle in major Walmart stores and Rite Aid stores this fall. Other major drug chains are expected to carry the product soon.
An estimated 30 million Americans suffer from unsightly and embarrassing nail appearance, a market currently underserved by nonprescription products. Kerasal Nail’s unique nail-penetrating formula has been licensed exclusively for the U.S. market from Moberg Derma AB, a leading Swedish pharmaceutical company. The product is already the #1 seller in various European countries where it launched last year.
Kerasal Nail’s patented formula combines the keratolyctic, nail softening, and hydrating effects of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid to deeply penetrate the nail, and restore healthy appearance by normalizing thickened nails, reducing nail discoloration, and hydrating brittle nails. Kerasal Nail is odorless, preservative free and proven safe in clinical studies. In the most recent clinical study, over ninety percent of users saw improvement in nail appearance after 8 weeks, and more than three fourths saw improvement in appearance in just 2 weeks of use.
Kerasal Nail is easy to use, helping to ensure user compliance. It comes with a unique no-mess pinpoint silicone tip applicator, requires application just once a day, does not require filing of the nail, and dries quickly.
In a consumer research study of 500 fungal nail suffers, 77% said they would definitely or probably buy Kerasal Nail after seeing the concept. Alterna and Moberg are co-funding over $5 million worth of advertising and promotion to launch Kerasal Nail to the U.S. market, with heavy focus on television, print and consumer promotion. They expect to add at least $10 million of incremental retail sales to the category annually.