Acquisition of Mobile Medical Marketing Covered in Austin Business Journal

Austin, TX Jul 20, 2016 – HealthTronics, Inc., a mobile medical technology company has acquired mobile laser technology company, Mobile Medical Marketing, LLC (Mobile Medical), based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
“With this acquisition, we’re delivering on our strategy to become the first choice for our customers when seeking laser treatments and other mobile medical technology applications,” explained Russell Newman, president of HealthTronics.
Mobile Medical provides various laser therapies for ENT, neurology and ob-gyn procedures to hospital systems, surgery centers and physician offices in Albuquerque. The acquisition expands HealthTronics’ fleet of mobilized medical technology and strengthens its reach into other areas of the U.S., including New Mexico.
Earlier this year, HealthTronics acquired United Therapies, a provider of mobile lithotripsy and laser technology to healthcare providers in the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest regions of the United States.
“Rising healthcare costs have made mobile medical technology an attractive option for reducing costs among hospitals and surgical centers. By utilizing mobile equipment, providers can have access to new technology and treatments when they otherwise could not afford the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the equipment,” said Newman.
HealthTronics’ technology is “mobile” because the company delivers the medical device to the health care facility where the physician conducts each procedure. In addition to servicing and updating the equipment, each delivery includes a dedicated, highly trained HealthTronics’ technologist to assist with the operation of the equipment.
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