Intralign, Hospital for Special Surgery Partner to Develop Training Program for Surgical First Assistants

This article appears in the online review
Feb 28, 2014
by Anuja Vaidya
Intralign, a specialty healthcare services provider, announced it will partner with the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York to develop a training curriculum for Surgical First Assistants — a clinical specialty comprised of surgeons, medical doctors, physician assistants and registered nurse first assists.
The first-of-its kind educational program, known as Intralign Academy, will provide information regarding the latest technologies and methodologies in orthopedic care as well as best practices for increasing operational efficiency in the surgical suite.
“Surgical first assistants help surgeons focus on the highest value care activities, which can ultimately increase surgical throughput. Despite their pivotal role in the OP, there are few continuing education opportunities for SFAs today in which the curriculum goes beyond clinical techniques to also train on best operational practices to address the changing realities of healthcare,” said Rick Ferreira, president and CEO of Intralign.