Precyse University Education Preparing More Than 1,000 Facilities

Las Vegas, NV Feb. 20, 2012 — Precyse, a leader in health information management (HIM) services and technologies, announced that more than 1,000 facilities are now using Precyse University for comprehensive ICD-9 and ICD-10 education programs. The growing roster of clients are preparing their coders, billers, physicians, nurses, case managers, administrative staff, and other impacted populations for the transition to ICD-10. Leveraging Precyse University these providers are also able to focus on courses and educational applications equally applicable for ICD-9, supporting better clinical documentation and improved coding today.
“Precyse has put a lot of time and energy into looking at our coding process and our coding staff from a quality perspective,” said Sandy Wood, Director of Revenue Cycle, Naples Community Healthcare System. “With the training they are providing, we are confident that we will be prepared to meet the challenges that arise when ICD-10 goes into effect.”
To mitigate the anticipated workflow challenges of ICD-10, Precyse University students are educated on the foundation and guidelines of the new system, as well as the necessary medical terminology and anatomy and physiology that ICD-10 requires to assign very specific diagnosis and procedure codes for medical services. In preparation for this change, Precyse University courses are built to improve the basic skills of coders in ICD-9 areas that will also be required in ICD-10. Precyse has found that additional training needs related to anatomy, physiology, and pathopharmacology, as well as opportunities to improve the understanding of coding system logic and principles, are beneficial regardless of the coding system in use. Precyse achieves this through unique, innovative applications created to provide learners the opportunity to practice applying their knowledge in practical and interactive ways. Some of these applications include labs, simulators, computer animations, video games, as well as other valuable resources facilitating competency today in ICD-9, while preparing for the transition to ICD-10.
In June 2011, Precyse and HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, formed a partnership to deliver Precyse University, a comprehensive ICD-10 education program for healthcare providers, through HealthStream’s learning platform, the HealthStream Learning Center®. (HIMSS Booth #1376)
“Healthstream Learning Center delivers the Precyse University program to all required learners, whatever their role and wherever in the enterprise they work, in whatever manner they best can learn,” said Mollie Condra, Associate Vice President, HealthStream. “Together, our solutions are helping people adapt to a bewildering amount of changes in healthcare systems, procedures, and workflow—providing in-depth training to medical billing and coding personnel, educating
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doctors and nurses who have limited time, and explaining to diverse healthcare populations how ICD-10 will touch their work lives.”
“We are pleased to educate Precyse University students from widely respected, forward-thinking healthcare organizations who see beyond billing accuracy and recognize the opportunity that vastly more—and more precise—data ultimately brings to healthcare,” said Chris Powell, president, Precyse. “HealthStream is the mostly widely used hospital learning platform. Hospitals are moving quickly to Precyse University because we bring together in one program our unique combination of experience in medical coding, healthcare information management, and learning delivery.”
More than 1,000 hospitals are now committed to Precyse University education. Equipped with more than 300 coders and hundreds of HIM and clinical professionals on staff, Precyse has a track record of developing tried and true educational content to keep its team of experts consistently meeting or exceeding industry accuracy and timeliness benchmarking standards. Precyse has used this same approach for building its ICD-9 and ICD-10 education content. The Precyse ICD-10 education content is available online through Precyse University or the HealthStream Learning Center®.