Altaris Announces CSafe Global Recapitalization

New York, NY—Altaris Capital Partners, LLC (“Altaris”) is pleased to announce the recapitalization of CSafe Global (“CSafe”, or the “Company”) with an investor group, including funds managed by Frazier Healthcare Partners. As part of the transaction, Altaris will continue to maintain a minority position in the Company.
Based in Ohio, CSafe Global is a provider of cold chain packaging solutions that address the global supply chain needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. CSafe’s containers are designed to maintain high-value and temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical cargo within precise ranges, often for extended periods of time in extreme external conditions. The Company has two core business units which operate under the brands CSafe and AcuTemp, both of which provide high performance solutions in their respective “Active” and “Passive” container markets.
Altaris initially acquired CSafe in January 2015 after identifying the need for more advanced cold-chain logistical capabilities for next-generation therapeutics, including biologics, vaccines, and gene and cell therapies. In October 2016, Altaris completed a recapitalization of CSafe with Thomas H. Lee Partners and maintained a minority ownership position in the Company.