Companies that operate across the healthcare industry. We target businesses with talented management teams that we believe address the needs of the broader healthcare system by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and aligning stakeholder incentives. Our experience spans the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare services and healthcare IT subsectors.

Commercial-stage companies with compelling business fundamentals. We look for companies that we believe have transformative business models, differentiated products or service offerings, sustainable competitive advantages, and potential for growth, both organic and through acquisitions.

Majority and influential minority investments. Because every transaction is unique, we endeavor to take a creative and flexible approach to each investment. We seek to remain conservative in the use of leverage in an effort to ensure our portfolio companies are well-positioned to achieve their full potential and are not burdened by excessive levels of debt.

Corporate partnerships. Many of our investments have been carve-outs of non-core assets from, or strategic co-ownership arrangements with, corporate partners and not-for-profit healthcare systems. These transactions often involve complexities and unique elements that require customization.

Value added partners. We seek to harness the extensive Altaris network for the benefit of our portfolio companies by, among other things, providing access to customers, suppliers and acquirers, strengthening management teams and boards of directors, identifying and executing acquisitions and strategic transactions, managing capital structure and lender relationships, and instituting operational best practices.